These are animated cartoons for Ruslan Russian 1 - "Better than the Simpsons!". All the dialogues, reading texts, poems and songs are available as high quality animations. There are 50 short videos, with and without subtitles in Russian.
Here you can see lesson 1 on YouTube

The animations have been produced by Alexander Menshikov in Kaliningrad, using the original Ruslan audio recordings.

For learners there is a double DVD set with menu options to play the whole story with and without subtitles or to select one of the 50 individual scenes. Order now! Offer price £15.95

For schools and universities who want to use the cartoons systematically there is the option of a USB version with permission to show the films to groups or to network them on the school's IT system. Initial licences will run for three years. Click for details.

Here are some more shots from lessons 1-10: