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These are the video cartoons of the dialogues, texts, songs and poems from the best-selling Russian beginners' course, Ruslan Russian 1 by John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva. The videos were produced by Alexander Menshikov. There is a wide range of voices - acknowledgements are in the book.

These cartoons - "Better than the Simpsons" - tell part 1 of the story of Lyudmila and Ivan and their friends which is the storyline of the Ruslan series for learners of Russian, beginning in Moscow and ending in Siberia at Lake Baikal. The Ruslan Russian series is available in different versions for speakers of Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

The Ruslan 1 book with all the texts and a double DVD set with the same cartoons are available from

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