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Suggestions for learners

  • Play the cartoons as often as you feel you want to, with and without the subtitles.
  • If you need to check the vocabulary, use the Ruslan Russian 1 book or find the lesson on Quizlet. You can also use the subtitles and type words you don't know into an online dictionary.
  • Take the part of one of the characters. Use the pause button to give yourself more time to speak.
  • Watch the cartoon with the sound turned off and say as much of the dialogue as you can, then check with the sound turned back on. When you have practised this for a while, record your voice and compare it with the cartoon voices.
  • Sing the songs and try to learn some of the poems. You will find that the melodies and the rhymes are a great aid to learning.
  • The texts and vocabularies for the dialogues, songs and poems are all in the Ruslan Russian 1 Course Book (available in 8 different language versions). The cartoons are also sold as a double DVD set. You can find both book and DVD set here.

Suggestions for teachers

  • Please find a wealth of ideas here: Ruslan 1 Cartoons Teaching Ideas.
  • If you find that you need a higher resolution version for clearer display on a large screen please use the DVD version or email for higher resolution files on a USB stick.

For revision

  • For learners starting a second level or intermediate course and who need some revision it is an excellent exercise to write a summary of the story of Ivan, Lyudmila and their friends and relatives.

    Your summary might begin: "Иван и Людмила встретились в самолёте..."