RUSSIAN IN RUSSIA             

I can strongly recommend the "Extra Class" Russian courses in Saint Petersburg or Moscow. You can browse their website at

Extra Class teachers know the Ruslan Russian course, which will help them assess your level, but they use their own materials so there is no danger of you repeating work that you have done already in your courses at home.

You will be placed in a group or have individual tuition at an appropriate level. Teaching is based on a communicative approach with lots of varied activity. There is an excellent excursion programme. Accommodation is arranged in families or in hotels, according to individual needs, and great care is taken arranging the necessary airport meetings and transfers.

Please email with details of your level of Russian and what sort of course you are looking for, and we will forward your request to "Extra Class" and liaise with them on the planning of your course.

John Langran
March 2016

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