Ruslan Limited
The company was formed in 1993 by John Langran who left his job as Head of Birmingham's Brasshouse Language Centre in order to produce a new up-to-date and communicative course for learners of Russian.

The Ruslan 1 and 2 dialogues were written by Natalia Veshnyeva and then used by John Langran to produce the Ruslan Russian course. John went on to write Ruslan 3 himself.

Ruslan Russian 1 is now in its fifth edition. The Ruslan course has been published in several different European countries, as well as in China.

More than 140,000 Ruslan books have been sold.

Ruslan Limited
19 Highfield Road
B13 9HL UK
Phone 00 44 (0)121 449 1578

Limited Company Number 02809741, founded on 15th April 1993
VAT number: GB 646 9773 79
Director: John Langran